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Affiliate, Advertisement, Click, Sales, Profits. Five Simple words that define the goal of every sponsor and affiliate trying to make money on the web. It is easy to make money on the web. Without the proper tools, it is very difficult to make lots of money. Today's Internet is not like yesterday's Internet. Money is harder to earn, so you must work harder -- or find the right tools.
We've tried to think of everything you need, either as a sponsor or a webmaster, so that you can concentrate on making money without having to decipher stats that leave parts of the total picture missing.
We think you'll profit more using our system and have time for the important things in life -- spending the new found money that you're earning.
Leave the hard part to us -- you go make money.
What does AACSP do?
AACSP is a new way of tracking webmaster and affiliate sales with several major advantages. No longer do your webmasters need to maintain accounts with multiple 3rd Party Processors and the 3rd Party Processors don't need to support an affiliate management system.
AACSP was designed from the ground up to be webmaster and sponsor friendly by putting the information you need to know at your fingertips, allowing you to drill down to get the details if you are so inclined.
Sponsors can manage their affiliates like no other affiliate system out there. Reports that tell you the exact status of your webmasters, even to the point of telling you which webmasters to focus your efforts on.
Webmasters get an unparalleled level of reporting and the ability to manage multiple sponsors through the AACSP system.
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